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De Paris à Tel Aviv

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It happened rather quick! I alighted from the Eurostar and chose to leave my luggage at St. Pancras. They have an option where they can directly deliver the luggage to their centre in LHR as well, but apparently you need to give them a day's heads up.

The walk from st. Pancras to the Tube stop takes forever.

I made it to Oxford St., walked around that area and caught the tube back to St. Pancras. Ate at Pret, and then caught the Pic Line to LHR T5. Checked in, had lunch at wagamama (after checkin) and boarded the flight to TLV. Needless to say, it was crowded.

And the weather... LOL, it was pouring after what was a really sunny day in London!


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I'm home - when do I leave?

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large_5ca08cd0-eb1f-11e9-b38c-effc877376b1.jpgArrival at Heathrow - first time I got a good view of 2 aerobridges getting ready to attach to the planeMy entry into London [London-travel-guide-364480] wasn't the most dramatic or anything, other than I slept very well and was totally ready for a recharge. The arrivals lounge was nearly closing when I went but begged them to stay open enough for me to shower. Fortunately, even though my SEA-LHR and LHR-VIE were on two separate PNRs, the BA desk at SEA were kind enough to check my luggage through to VIE.

I hopped on the Pic Line and alighted at Pic Circus. Felt so odd NOT to alight at Earl's Court as I'm normally used to! I wandered around that area, popped into Superdry for a bit, had an awful chocolate shake at Godiva's and headed back to LHR, this time to T3. Picked up my boarding card and headed to the AA lounge which was infinitely better than the BA one. Our flight to VIE was a mile away from the lounge, and was full. The flight pushed back on time and it was smooth sailing from here on.

Follow this journey in my Austria blog [travel-blogs/141276/summary].


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The first of several arrivals

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Cut to Saturday. I was waiting for my passport to be returned from the Consulate of Israel, I was already packed and had to have left 2 days prior. Yep, S was without me in Austria for the first 2 days! It was a nice sunny day in Seattle. The FedEx folks came home by 930a. So I had ample time for a last round of packing, some telly and the uber came at 4pm. My BA flight to Heathrow [Heathrow-travel-guide-1254813] would leave at 7pm.

To me, the coolest sight in SEA-TAC was seeing BA and Virgin Atlantic parked side by side! VS flies its 789 to Seattle daily. I spent time at the lounge, boarding was promptly called by 630p and we were airborne shortly after 730p.


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The comings and goings

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large_5979aa50-eb1f-11e9-bf5f-1dc76481e502.jpgShaftesbury Gold Hill (aka Hovis Hill for those that remember the Hovis biscuits ad from the 70s)As mentioned in the summary, never before have I ever been on a trip with so many comings and goings into the UK. When I call the UK as "home", I really do mean it. And not always in the warm fuzzy way. This almost reminds me of when I visit my parents in Bengaluru and for a few years, their point was "I thought the whole point of your visiting us was to spend time with us. Not use this house as a B&B and be off spending time with others"! Well, that's kind of what the UK was for me this trip!

Although, with all of that being said, I still did do my best to squeeze in two day trips and a London ramble. But the remaining time spent in London [London-travel-guide-364480] proper was really just window (and real) shopping and not doing anything else. Walking. And without my camera so I could just enjoy and, well, be with London. Plus, thanks to technology, unlike a decade or 2 ago, if one needs to take a photo these days, one can always use the mobile phone.

Here's a small "best of" set of photos from my disjointed trip this time. All amazing!


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